get the system you need to connect in english with real native speakers


Our Bridge to Connection Method makes it easy for you to finally PARTICIPATE in REAL English conversations to connect with native speakers.


Why is it so effective?

It shows you the 3 steps that you must take in every spontaneous and natural conversation in order to feel comfortable, know what to say, and how to say it.

Plus it helps you build the vocabulary skills and cultural knowledge to be ready for anything.

Just follow our 3-step system and start connecting!


What do you get?


Video Lessons and Telephone Practice
  • Online course with your own login and username so you can study anytime, 24/7
  • Video-based lessons with quizzes
  • Telephone listening practice
  • English conversation practice with Lindsay and Jessica for Personal Coach level
  • Group conversation practice in Connection Club level
1) Americana the Beautiful
  • View real conversations with American inventors, artists, and creators.
  • Emphasize your point in English using swear words
  • Become fearless when you use native idioms to talk about local food and beer innovation


2) The Rust Belt
  • Meet passionate people working to reduce poverty in the American Rust Belt
  • Build confidence to tell a story in English like a native speaker
  • Prepare to participate in a vibrant conversation with a native speakers about urban issues
3) The Wild West
  • Learn about the American way of life in the Western US
  • Build English skills to understand American humor
  • Get vocabulary you need to describe natural beauty and landscapes
  • Learn how to have intelligent English conversations about controversial issues like Native Americans and the American government
4) Let's Be Honest About Homelessness
  • Learn native pronunciation patterns from real interviews on the streets of Portland
  • Use video interviews to see how natives use participles and practice them
  • Meet homeless people, hear their stories, discuss solutions to the problem in English
5) The Fight for Gay Rights
  • Hear Americans’ opinions on both sides of the issue and learn how to articulate your perspective in English
  • Learn how to track native speaker tenses while you listen to a fast English conversation
  • Get 9 phrasal verbs that will make you sound eloquent in real conversations
6) The California Coast: Redwoods to Hollywood
  • Travel down the coastal highway and meet Californians
  • Learn about LA traffic, surf culture, spicy tacos, and more
  • Get better at not giving up when you listen in a fast conversation
  • Practice understanding English with an accent
  • Build skills to articulate your worldview and your dreams and goals in English
7) Americans and Their Guns
  • Find out why so many Americans defend their right to carry guns
  • Get better at listening when natives drop sounds and use pronouns
  • Learn how to selectively share your opinion in English
  • Form a more informed opinion on guns and have a conversation about this issue
8) The Deep South: Natchez to Nashville
  • Experience the American South through deep accents, Elvis, and country music
  • Find out how slavery and Jim Crow laws set the stage for racial issues that we see today
  • Get better at tracking events when someone tells a story in English
  • Improve your ability to stay focused and catch references when natives speak
9) New York: Brights Lights, Big City
  • Find out what it’s like to live in NYC from real New Yorkers
  • Meet local actors, artists, singers, and a contortionist
  • Get better at listening to a story when the information is unfamiliar
  • Share your own favorite city moments and personal dreams in English

what else?


Private Facebook Group Membership
  • Find speaking partners with other course members
  • Practice discussing topics from the course
  • Ask questions about what you learn
60-day Study Plan
  • Get clear instructions on what to do each day
  • Spend 15-30 minutes in the course each day
  • Finish the plan feeling more confident in English
Transcripts for Every Lesson
  • Make sure you understand everything the native speaker says
  • Go back and check your understanding
  • Feel confident that you’re not missing anything

WHO IS this course FOR?


"I am afraid of native pronunciation and their speed while speaking. When they speak fast I am not able to catch them."


"When I pick up my phone, the other end just talk super fast and I have no time to grasp what they are talking about."


"I fear asking native speakers to repeat their content again especially when there is a group of listeners listening together"


The Bridge to Connection Method will help you start participating in your life in English. Stop standing on the outside of conversations. Participate. Connect. Be happy.

Your questions



Will I get to practice my English and get feedback?

Yes! If you choose the Connection Club Plan or the Personal Coach Plan you will have options to practice your speaking. If you choose the Basic Plan then you can find your own speaking partner in our Facebook group.

Do I need to be advanced in English to take this course?

This course was designed for intermediate to advanced English speakers. If you have spent years working in textbooks and English classes but still cannot CONNECT with real native speakers in real conversations then this course is for you.

Are there any books included?

No! This course is 100% online! As soon as you buy the course you will receive your username and login and you can sign in and get to work anytime you want, 24/7.

Can I use the course on my mobile phone?

Yes! The course is mobile-optimized and the videos can be played on your phone or other portable device.

What can I do if I have a question?

You can ask your question in our members-only Facebook group. Jessica and Lindsay respond as well as other students. You can also upgrade to Personal Coach to schedule a practice session where you can ask your questions.

the method


Ok so here is the deal. You have studied with textbooks your whole life. You have poured thousands of dollars into English classes that didn’t work. You have spent hours working online with tutors who were disorganized and average. Those methods have only brought you 75% of the way to Connection.

But why is it that you still cannot have a spontaneous conversation with a real native speaker?

Why do you still get lost in conversations and feel afraid to ask people to repeat? It’s because you didn’t have our Bridge to Connection Method before. The Bridge to Connection Method brings you from always being on the outside of conversations to finally being on the inside, and connecting with anyone, anywhere, anytime in English.

Why is this method so effective?

  • The Bridge to Connection Method guides you through the 3-step process so that you become comfortable connecting in English anytime
  • The Bridge to Connection Method uses REAL ENGLISH including spontaneous interviews and stories with real people
  • It was created by real teachers with 25+ years of combined teaching and course-creating experience
  • It gives you the cultural knowledge and information you need so that you will have something to talk about
  • It takes you on a journey across the United States…plus it’s fun!!

Our method takes you to a place that your textbooks and your English classes cannot. It takes you to CONNECTION.  

30 DAY guarantee! no problem!


We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s simple. If you join the course and you don’t think that it will work for you, just email us within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll send 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.



3-step Bridge to Connection Method
72 video lessons
quizzes, telephone lessons, transcripts
Facebook group membership
60-day study plan
4 months of 24/7 access to the course online
3-step Bridge to Connection Method
72 video lessons
quizzes, telephone lessons, transcripts
Facebook group membership
60-day study plan
4 months of 24/7 access to the course online
+ Speaking practice with Lindsay or Jessica (3 live lessons for 30 minutes each or send us 3 (5-minute) recordings and you’ll get our feedback)


CONTACT [email protected] OR CALL 347-554-1877 WITH QUESTIONS.



I don’t think my English is so bad, but my biggest problems is I don’t know how to respond when I am talking to native speakers.The more people there are, the worse it gets. I really want to connect with native, I really want to talk naturally in English. I feel really awful when I can’t respond well. That’s why I have been listening your program, and I think it helps me a lot. When I heard about this bridge program. I imminently thought “THIS IS WHAT I NEED!!!!!”


“I´m enjoying the course a lot. It´s an enriching experience in all senses. It makes you feel part of this fantastic journey, meeting interesting people and discovering various aspects related to American culture. Exciting, fun, helpful….a real pleasure. A different approach to English learning and a very good job. In order to keep motivated and make progress this plan is a sure bet.”

Jaime G.

“I first found out about the All Ears English podcast before enrolling in the Bridge To Connection course. After a year, Lindsay had became my fellow commuter (I had a very long commute at the time). I signed up because I knew she was on a road trip and I did not wanna miss any of the videos. Each video comes with a lesson. Lindsay and Jessica’s courses are so well done that you forget that you’re there to learn. They take you to parts of the USA to which you may never have the opportunity to go. I only knew New York City in real life and I intend to visit the west coast next summer. But of course there’s so many other places I wanna go to which are covered in those videos. One of the biggest benefits of the Bridge To Connection was I quickly gained confidence in my pronunciation and it I felt my communicating skills were freed like by magic. My English speaking friends noticed the difference right away!”

Fred Vanvogue

“Connected Communicator is the best course I have ever seen since I began learning English. It teaches you not only listening skills, but also gives you a great opportunity to get to know how native speakers live, think, talk and how they perceive the world. Learning English is all about being immersed into the culture so you have to experience their life as well, no matter you truly live in that country or just through the internet. I would highly recommend this course to you if you were to find somebody or something can lend you a hand with your English.”

Chai Song

“Hi, my name is Natalie Calixto, from Brazil. I have recently signed up for the Secrets of the Connected Communicator Course because I wanted to work on my listening and communication skills. The course has proved to be of great value once I’m more prepared to pick up different accents from all over the US, slang, and idiomatic expressions. I have also gained a lot of culture because it’s a thorough and deep course, which goes beyond what one can find in other courses out there.” “Lindsay and Jessica are really present in the Facebook group, giving all the support we need in the blink of an eye. I highly recommend this course. If you want to feel confident, sound natural, and improve your listening and communication skills, this is the right course for you. Go for it!”


“Learning English is fun but not always easy for me. I always find it difficult to listen to native English speakers. They use expressions or slang popular from their hometowns and speak really fast. I didn’t know where I should start to learn it, ask questions and share my experiences in learning it.” “Secrets of the Connected Communicator course helped me very much in understanding native English speakers both in terms of language and culture. Here are some of characteristics of the course which I found very useful. Firstly, each episode comes with scripts, so I can learn what the speaker actually said. It is recorded, so I can rewind it as many times as I like. Secondly, because each episode is recorded at various places in America, I can enjoy listening interesting stories on various topics in various places in America. Since people speak differently depending on the place and other factors, I have learned various types of English including slang. Thirdly, in each episode, there are some tasks for effective listening. In addition, at the end of each episode, reflection assignment is given to us. I have learned a lot from these assignments with regard to not only American culture but also our own culture by comparing the two. Lastly, all members can join an interactive Facebook group. We can exchange opinions and ask questions each other. Lindsay and Jessica also joins the conversation, and encourages us to communicate each other. I feel that I’m learning the course with many other members all over the country. This course gives me an opportunity to get to know American culture and people as well as language.”


“You’ve done an excellent job. This is something completely different from every other resource to study ESL. The gap between what I was used to listening to in all my English classes and the real people in the US was always so big. You’re bringing up real people in their real lives and that makes a huge difference. Please keep working as hard as you do it and having so much fun at the same time”.


“What a very good surprise to discover people who are positive, engaged, genuine with common sense. In fact, it is rare to find someone who cares about the success of others and gives the right information without withholding information. Jessica, you are clear, with good vibes, committed, dedicated teacher and that is what makes you different in a very positive way. You’ve understood that what we need as English learners is not only an efficient content (which is obviously vital but unfortunately not common) but also positivity and energy. I was looking forward to joining you in the course “Secrets of the Connected Communicator” which helped me in two days before the exam because I’ve learned the expression “I naturally gravitate towards” which I put in my writing part 🙂 I’ve had a very high score in my writing part (C2 level) and a good grade in the speaking part as well to give you an idea.” “I know it’s thanks to you and I wanted to tell you THANKS A BUNCH!!! With you it seems like I’m learning “real English” and it’s such an amazing opportunity, I’m so grateful!”


“Hey Lindsay, hey Jessica, how are you, guys? I am writing this e-mail just to thank you for the awesome job doing the “Secrets of the Connected Communicator”! I just finished all the modules, and now I feel much more confidant to connect with people in the grocery, in the gym, in the streets! What got me was how “Secrets” was planned: lots of wonderful expressions (vocabulary), tasks (to improve our skills) and no taboos themes. You guys touched very sensible subjects (gun control, violence and poverty in the U.S., homelessness, freedom of speech, racism). But most of all, what caught my eye since the very first lesson was how fun and immersive the course is … I felt all the time as one of the “All Ears English” team! Thanks a lot, Lindsay. To summarize: guys, don’t wait anymore – join “Secrets of the Connected Communicator”, and have a great time! See you!” Click here to listen to Roberto’s testimonial

Roberto Albuquerque

“By doing the Bridge to Connection course I’ve gone beyond with my learning and comprehension of English. It provided me situations in the real world which is essential to break through some barriers that advanced students find in the English learning journey. I could feel part of every single conversation or topic in each lesson. I can surely say that it goes far beyond textbooks and even private classes with tutors.”

Raphael Checone

“So much fun!!!! My feeling about learning English has completely changed compared to 4 months ago!” “When I joined this course, it had 1.5 years passed since I came to the US. I was still struggling to have a bit deeper and interactive conversation with native speakers even though I speak English every day. I really liked this course because interviewees on the video shared real stories based on their own experiences including their mind and feelings! I believe that is the unique point and we can’t learn from a textbook!” “Through this course, I learned the culture, global issues and hope not only the America’s but also my country’s. My favorite point was that this course encouraged me to challenge/use it in the real world. And it works!!! We can take an action right away! That makes me more confident. Now, I am having fun to chat using the topics and phrases with native speakers and my speaking partners as well! I am so excited to catch the words that I learned through the real conversation!! Thank you, Lindsay and Jessica!!”

Ai Shinozaki

“First and foremore, thank you so much for your great work! First thing in the morning is listening to your podcast and enjoying the refreshing dialogues between you girls. Moreover – as a member of the Secrets of the Connected Communicator Club – I love watching all the interesting interviews you did throughout the US. It´s so exciting to make connections with other members of your program (on the Facebook group or even face to face via Skype) and I can sense progress and improvement of speaking english every day. Best of all: It´s no work – it´s fun!”


“In one word, it’s marvelous! Every video is so attractive that I feel like I’m actually in the U.S. and listening to daily natural English from the native speakers in person. But actually, so far, I can’t fully catch what they are talking about without transcripts and sometimes I can’t find some answers that Jessica asks in advance. Nevertheless, struggling with the task is a lot of fun! On top of that, their videos give me the chances to stop to think about my own culture and country. It takes me a little time, so I can’t move on quickly even though I’m excitedly looking forward to watching the next video. I’m enjoying and struggling indeed!”


“I want to tell you my English story. I started studying English when I was 13, now I’m 38, what a long time. The first time I tried to watch a movie without subtitles after I finished my Advanced English Program I really freaked out, I was not able to understand even a word, Oh my God! It was terrifying! But everyone told me that it happens to everybody, that as the time goes by I will be able to understand, but it didn’t happen pretty much. When I was watching English TV I had to pay very close attention to be able to understand a bit. Four years ago I went for the first time to the USA, and I wondered how difficult was for me to understand, another deception.” “But, three years ago I started listening All Ears English Podcasts and my understanding went really better. That was the reason why I decided to dig into the Secrets of the Connected Communicator Course; I had the hope that Lindsay and Jessica would help me, for sure.” “This course has been such a journey, wonderful for my understanding skills, thanks. For me it´s not been only the knowledge of the American culture, because I´m Dominican and we are extremely related to the USA style and way of living, but I got the skills to understand almost perfectly, and I haven’t finished the course yet. I can’t imagine how good I’m going to be in understanding and speaking when I finish!!!” “Nowadays, even when I’m doing something else and the TV is on with something in English, I get some understanding without paying attention… It´s a miracle… Only after some months with this course… I extremely recommend it!! Thanks a lot..”

Jhairo Nunez Garca

“After the webinar on September 25, I was still on the fence about getting this communicator course.  Now I am so happy to have decided to get involved in this course.  It is way too better than I expected.  Thank you very much for creating this course.  I will work on this course and hope I will be able to communicate with native speakers better.”

Hitoko Kikucki, Japan

“Secrets of the Connected Communicator is beyond my expectations. Every topic is unique  and very deep so it stimulate my interests unlimitedly. The most fun thing for me is to meet many types of people. I feel like I’m actually talking with them.  We can learn deeply about America, and also we will be trained to talk about our countries with these topics.”

Yumiko Yagi, Japan

“I would like to express my thanks because of your excellent work. On last December I took a TOEFL itp exam and I received B1 score. This was my first TOEFL exam and I am so happy with this achievement.” “The Secrets of Connected Communicator was very important. Unfortunately I got Guns Unit and the rest of the units I did not finish; but anyways this program was amazing !!!”

Teresa Alarcon

start your journey!


3-step Bridge to Connection Method
72 video lessons
quizzes, telephone lessons, transcripts
Facebook group membership
60-day study plan
4 months of 24/7 access to the course online
3-step Bridge to Connection Method
72 video lessons
quizzes, telephone lessons, transcripts
Facebook group membership
60-day study plan
4 months of 24/7 access to the course online
+ Speaking practice with Lindsay or Jessica (3 live lessons for 30 minutes each or send us 3 (5-minute) recordings and you’ll get our feedback)


CONTACT [email protected] OR CALL 347-554-1877 WITH QUESTIONS.